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Souper Tang Sesame Oil Ginger Wine & Herbs Chicken Mee Suah 汤师父麻油姜酒鸡面线


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姜酒不只是在月子期间才可以食用哦! 姜酒,具有驱风发汗、温中散寒等作用,常用于治疗伤风感冒、恶心、呕吐和痛经等症。



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Flavour Available: Sesame Oil Ginger Wine & Herbs Chicken Mee Suah, Superior X.O Sauce Mee Suah with Dried Scallop, Mountain Pepper Pork Tripe Soup Ramen, Collagen Beauty Panax Ginseng Chicken Soup Ramen (can mix ❗)

Health key: Sesame seeds is rich in vitamin E, which has anti-aging and appetite-enhancing effects. It can also improve eyes health, promote skin regeneration and repair.

It is very suitable for maternal moms, vital for bones and joint health – helps to overcome the fatigue too!

Ginger wine is not only edible during confinement period. It helps to dispel wind and sweating, warming our body, and is often used to treat colds, nausea, vomiting and dysmenorrhea.

Ingredients: Old Hen Soup, Sesame Oil, Crushed Ginger, Huadiao Wine, Souper Tang Goryangju, Handmade Mee Suah

Cooking method:

Boil the mee suah in hot water for 3 mins

2. Add in ginger wine, sesame oil and soup base pack

3. Lastly add in Hua Diao wine and ready to serve!