The Golden Bull Award

Ys Master Sdn. Bhd. Was acknowledged as the most prestigious and representative business award, the Golden Bull Award 2011 & 2012 are a defining moment of corporate excellence and an indication of greater achievements to come. It is a positive symbol of perseverance, confidence, stability and success in the business world, representing the essence of distinction and hallmark of excellence in entrepreneurship & aims to inspire and stimulate perseverance, value innovation and excellence in the highly competitive business environment both locally and globally. This international award also strives to provide recognition for the achievements of outstanding companies to reinforce the brand image in the market space.

Super Health Brand

The “Asia Success Award” upholds several critical successful elements, such as professional, authority, international, human- oriented culture and style, brand authentication, fairness transparent, and objectivity, as main contribution factors. The year 2010 YS Master Sdn.Nhd. was nominated to be rewarded for it’s brand Taang Shifu as a Super Health Brand.

The 10th Asia Pacific Top Excellence Recognition 2012

Global business magazine, one of the most authoritative & profoundly influential business magazine in this region, have meticulously planned the nomination of “Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand” with professional, fair & earnest prospects in view. The examining aspects include brand’s image longevity, esteem and familiarity, goodwill, customer loyalty & overall market acceptance. In order to make an active effort in promoting outstanding brand to vast consumers with authentication and verification, it is our pleasure to inform to our dear audience that, the editorial board of Global Business Magazine had unanimously nominated YS Master Sdn. Bhd. As the winner of the “Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Year 2012”.