Rebranding from Taang Shifu to Souper Tang

The New Souper Tang

Since the beginning, our Little Chef Master Tang prepared nourishing herbal soups with depths of flavour. Today, the little Soup Master has evolved to create balanced and healthy herbal-based cuisine.


At Souper Tang, we understand the demands of your modern, contemporary lifestyle. Work takes a toll on the body as long hours and stress leave people tired and drained. As such, we have developed soups that not only taste great but also have healing benefits to restore and rebalance the body. In our busy lives, soups are nourishing for vitality and life.


The new Souper Tang brand is part of the health movement and dedicated to developing your healthy lifestyle. With our new revamped outlets, you can enjoy your crafted soups in a calm and relaxing environment. Welcome to celebrate with us and bring the vitality in your bowl!

Brand Personality


Showing care for customers and staffs


Brewing soup with the utmost effort and creating a healthy and comfortable environment


Keeping a positive and cheerful attitude


Constant learning, improving and innovation

Brand Story

Soups brewed by mothers play a vital role in every childhood, an experience of comfort treasured in memories of growing up.


Amid the hustle and bustle of contemporary adult lifestyles, many long for the rare experience of sitting down to enjoy a proper meal. Cherished as a treat, a bowl of carefully prepared soup warms the belly, nourishes the body and nurtures the spirit.


We fortify each and every bowl of nutrition with the restorative powers of herbs, crafted to eliminate internal heat, dampness and toxins while rejuvenating skin and enhancing beauty.


A soup experience that is comforting, nourishing – Souper Tang is, simply vitality in every bowl.

Brand Philosophy

Souper Tang comes from a lineage of Chinese herbal specialists, who has left behind a wealth of knowledge on the nourishing properties of soup ingredients uncovered from nature.


Souper Tang’s soup is born out of a simple conviction to protect your health: to brew you a bowl of nutrient-packed and revitalising soup to boost your strength, complexion and vitality.


Souper Tang is a soup master who cares for your health. Let the nutrients, aroma and taste of the soup penetrate fully, igniting your inner vital force and awakening the senses.

Brand Promise

The traditional methods that create Souper Tang’s signature soups inspire every aspect of our brand.


  • As nature infuses each ingredient with energy and goodness, we provide our customers with a nourishing meal that is delicious and revitalizing.
  • In the same way we brew a good bowl of soup, we serve our customers with patience and sincerity.
  • With the same sensitivity we dedicate to our cooking fire, we respond to our customers’ needs by adjusting products and service offerings to their requirement.