量大料足 而且还是采用五谷米代替糯米制作的粽子,绝对好吃健康 而且完全不会对肠胃造成负担。升糖指数低,怎么吃都不怕长肉,而且血糖高的朋友也可以放心食用哦✨


满满的鱼香 纯正鲜美,咸甜香鲜的口感一定会惊艳你的味蕾🤤

经过多大31次的调配 突破传统研发出鱼香浓郁 纯正鲜美的鱼香粽!
确确实实以鱼肉为内陷 搭配秘制调料
满满的浓郁鱼香 吃起来鲜美咸香 让人欲罢不能
Souper Tang rice dumpling is back! Full of 5 star reviews since last year when we first launched the rice dumpling ✨ Replacing the traditional rice dumpling that used to made with glutinous rice, instead we invented the healthy rice dumpling which made of five-grain rice, which is absolutely delicious and healthy and will not cause a burden on the stomach at all. The glycemic index is low, no matter how you eat it, you are not afraid of growing fat ❤️

Souper Tang Braised Emerald Fish Rice Dumpling

Full of delicious and freshness of fish, mixed of salty and sweet seafood taste will definitely amaze your taste buds 🤤

Breaking through the tradition of dumpling, our chef successfully developed a pure and delicious fish- flavored rice dumpling which indeed filled with fish meat with secret dark rich sauce.

Each rice dumpling is jumbo size which exceed 200g per pcs, and including a salted egg yolk that we can’t missed out!

Using frozen technology to keep each rice dumpling fresh and maintaining its good taste, it also being packed in vacuum packed to make sure the hygiene.

It can be stored in frozen up to 6 months. After defrost, you may heat up by steaming/ boiling in hot water/ microwave for 15 to 20 mins and you are ready to serve!

*This product will be deliver in frozen/ cold chain.

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