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汤师父野生雪蛤 Souper Tang Snow Jelly


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食用方式: 泡水3小时至泡发,小火炖煮2小时即可食用,冷热皆可


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Souper Tang Snow Jelly is a valuable nourishing medicinal material, so it has the reputation of “the crown of vitality” in nature. It is rich in proteins, minerals and many other micro elements essential for our body such as amino acids, vitamins, tungsten, potassium, iron and phosphorus. Snow Jelly also helps to stimulate regeneration of the skin and improves dry skin conditions.

Snow Jelly helps give a beautiful skin complexion, nourish the lung & kidney. It can be stewed with bird’s nest, ginkgo, white fungus, ginseng slices, red dates, wolfberry, rock sugar, etc. Suggest to consume 1 time a week and 10-15 gram each time.

Consume method: Soak for 3 hours until expand, then cook in slow cooker with rock sugar and red dates for 2 hours. Served warm or chilled.

Storage method: Keep in dry and cold place